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  • What We Do

    SparkShift catalyzes lasting behavioral change and drives leadership transformation for individuals and teams.

    We unlock the potential within our clients through an innovative process that combines a neuroscience framework with proven behavioral modifiers including mindfulness practices. We are passionate about empowering people to be their best selves throughout their lives, not just inside their offices.


    Our methods are rooted in science and proven in practice.

    Our Process

    At SparkShift, we combine the neuroscience of leadership and conditioned behavior with strategies for change, creating custom coaching and development programs that inspire immediate action while manifesting long-term.


    A key aspect of our work is the practice of mindfulness. The primary tool in cultivating self-awareness, mindfulness is the act of paying attention to our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and the impact our behaviors have on others. By training our minds to pause and observe, we are able to drive a wedge between behavioral ‘triggers’ and habituated responses, creating a window in which we can make more deliberate and thoughtful choices.


    Our clients experience transformational changes that result in more impactful work - improving their life, providing greater purpose, and bettering the lives of those around them.

    Executive Coaching

    Anyone can be a manager, but achieving transformative results requires true leadership. Leaders have vision, rely on adaptive and strategic thinking, empower their people in pursuit of a shared purpose, and take accountability for the outcome. At SparkShift, we unlock your leadership potential. Through a series of assessments, exercises, and interviews, we uncover the behaviors that are inhibiting peak performance, we pinpoint areas for development, and we work with you in crafting a customized action plan that is measurable, sustainable, and simple.

    Organization and Team Development

    An organization’s purpose is to innovate and grow, but most conventional strategies for innovation and growth fail to hit the mark. Ineffective leadership fuels unhealthy competition and a lack of shared vision and purpose breeds fear and insecurity. At SparkShift, we work with organizations to unearth what is inhibiting their teams in reaching their true potential. By creating an environment where trust is extended and connection is second nature, we enable healthy disruption and shared vision, driving innovation, pushing progress, and bringing real results.


    One small shift can be the spark that leads to a more fulfilling life. Through our ShiFT workshops, participants learn to identify the behaviors that are preventing them from living their best life. At corporations, nonprofits, conferences, and educational institutions, we reveal the science behind why we do the things we do, how our brains hold us back, and how we can rewire ourselves to live bigger, better, and more authentic lives. By guiding participants through simple yet powerful mindfulness exercises that cultivate greater self-awareness, we provide a concrete process for shifting towards your true potential.

  • Our Team

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    Kelley Amadei


    Kelley Amadei is on a mission to change the world, one person at a time. She is passionate about building wise leaders and transforming teams. As the Founder of SparkShift, Kelley brings together over 24 years of experience working with leaders in all walks of life, deep meditation practice, and extensive research and practice in psychology and neuroscience. Thanks to her innovative approach and collaborative strategies, her work has become the ruler along which transformative coaching is measured.


    Prior to founding SparkShift, Kelley worked as both Head of People & Organizational Development and Global Head of Change Management at Heineken. In these roles, she was responsible for leading organizational change and executive and talent development across the world.


    Kelley is specific, incisive, and results driven. She operates with a scalpel, not a hammer, uncovering the underlying problems that are holding an individual or organization back from reaching their truest potential.


    Listen to Kelley discuss self-awareness on the

    This is Product Management podcast.

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    Gwyneth Meeks

    Senior Consultant

    Having spent over 24 years in the media and entertainment industry at Viacom and NBC Universal, Gwyn has a unique understanding of the challenges individuals and teams face when navigating organizational change. She is a natural connector and coach and is experienced in facilitating workshops on subjects such as delegation, executive presence, conflict resolution, time management, and employee engagement.


    Gwyn sees her work as collaboration and is constantly striving to understand the unique needs of her clients so as to create perfectly customized solutions.

    Beth Roundtree

    Senior Coach

    Beth is an executive leadership coach and strategic expert in organizational development. Beth brings decades of experience and has served in positions such as Senior Vice President of Global Contextual Coaching at Partners International, where she provided oversight to a diverse team of 160 consultants worldwide. She is a formal Internal Consultant with the New York Times, and Director of Organization Development at MTV Networks and has worked as a coach for Columbia Business School Leadership Lab for over a decade. She is committed to deliver powerful and transformative results.

  • Why Us

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    What Our Clients Say

    “Kelley took me on a journey of self-discovery where introspection and vulnerability became my most powerful leadership tools.” – Jesse Ferber, SVP Sales Columbia Distributors


    “Kelley’s ability to connect, quickly gain trust, drive change and business results with different people across an organization is her ‘sweet spot.’” – Scott Blazek, Senior Vice President, Breakthru Beverage


    “I have been a leader for over 20 years and have experienced countless workshops and trainings. My 1-day experience with SparkShift was the most impactful and valuable experience I have ever had.” – Executive, Healthcare


    “Working with Kelley is like having a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket. She is able to help me with so many aspects of my life, quickly cutting through the layers to get at the heart of the issues. Kelley provides real insights and helps to co-create a path forward that is true to who I am.” - Tosca, Sr. Director Marketing, Media Industry

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