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One day at a time

So often we overwhelm ourselves by thinking and planning far ahead.  Fear can be paralyzing and goals that are set too high can seem daunting.  Keep it simple, digestible, find a way to get to what you want in small increments.  One thing I have learned as a new Entrepreneur is that it is critical to take things one day at a time.  On my harder days it is one moment at a time.
Here are a few tips regarding money and time:
Money ~ plan for more money to come in than out this week, even if it is just $1 more.  Do the same for the month.  '
Time ~  trying to find time to exercise, meditate, write, start a new project but don't have time?  Track your time for 3 days, every hour of every day.  I bet you will find at least 30 mins for exercise, even 5 minutes to meditate, or 30 minutes to start brainstorming that new project.
Don't try to swallow the ocean, drink it in, on sip at a time.  Don't give up, breathe and pick back up where you left off.
This moment only moment.